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The Bargain Box offers unbeatable deals on all types of footwear from top brands.

Take off your worn out shoes, put your feet up, relax, and take a deep breath. You've just found the ultimate destination for the perfect pair of shoes at an unbeatable deal. We have prices you won't believe on a huge variety of brands and styles, with an endless selection to get the perfect pair that will meet your needs every time. Welcome to the Bargain Box, at the Shoe Box in Black Earth.

Our brand new discount shopping warehouse has thousands of shoes for men, women and kids, in stock all the time. A large assortment of socks, boots and accessories adds to the variety and assortment. You'll find spectacular brands and the latest trends at an unbeatable value, every single day. It's everything that the Shoe Box is known for at discount prices.

The Bargain Box is a place to find truly unbelievable deals for the entire family. When you walk out the door, you won't believe what you got. We've got all your favorite brands, along with shoes that everyone in your family will adore. Go on a guilt-free shopping spree and indulge in shoes for everyone, with money left to spare.

When it comes to designer shoes at prices you won't believe, the Bargain Box is your destination. When it's finally time to get rid of your old, dependable shoes for a new pair, the Bargain Box is the best place to get brand names you want at prices nobody can match.

For unbeatable deals on the perfect footwear for every occasion, come to the Bargain Box.


I have problem feet, and I found what I needed at the Shoe Box: a huge selection and a friendly, experienced salesperson who could scan the shelves and quickly identify exactly which models were most likely to work for me.

L.B., via Yelp

We "stopped by" the Shoe Box tonight and, once again, I remembered why I love this place....they have awesome service...they set the bar for the rest of the retail world. They have an an amazing selection of high quality shoes.

P.C., via Yelp

An incredible shoe store, with the widest variety of shoes you can find anywhere in the Midwest. Dress shoes, athletic shoes, work shoes, casual.... you name it, they have it, and usually in all possible human sizes. Prices are also great.

R.T., via TripAdvisor

This is one of those places that skips the fancy sales floor and just offers a great selection and well informed sales people. If you're simply shopping for quality footwear without the glitz and glamour, this is your place!

J.P., via TripAdvisor

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1314 Canal St.
Black Earth, WI 53515

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